MTEK X Kollmorgen: MBrain Education with Cake’s Production

Co-selling partners from Kollmorgen visit cake to see MBrain in action.


The other day our co-selling partners at Kollmorgen visited us in Alfta, Sweden, to learn more about MBrain. We trained them on using MBrain and the capabilities, features, and benefits of production with MBrain.

Of course, this training would be incomplete without seeing production live with MBrain. Thankfully, Cake was kind enough to show off their factory and demonstrate how MBrain is aiding their manufacturing.

We stepped into Cake's brightly lit and modern factory. When we arrived, their production team took a break, and the team prominently and proudly displayed the culture behind their success. Their production team came from over ten nationalities socializing like a family.

Cake's team-oriented atmosphere played a role in their ability to adapt and take advantage of MBrain in their production. When the production restarted, station-by-station team members resumed assembling their bikes. As the bikes moved through production, the manufacturing team used MBrain's Digital Work Instructions to see what parts and actions were necessary at each station. This information displayed on the shop floor helped their newer team members get up to speed 40% faster. Any modifications to the product or for the customer could quickly start happening in production.

When a team member encountered an issue during production, they flagged the issue in MBrain. Instantly, one of their teammates was alerted and eagerly moved to help solve their production issue together. The production team could use MBrain's Disturbance Analysis to track what errors were occurring and troubleshoot how they could fix them faster.

The entire team had, in real-time, the insights into production that they needed with MBrain's Dashboards and Work Instructions. The team knew if they were producing their orders as quickly as expected (Takt attainment), how well their production was taking advantage of their setup (overall equipment effectiveness or OEE), and how close the order was to being fulfilled.

The team used MBrain's Digital Work Instructions at the test station to see what tests to do and how to complete them. With MBrain, they collect all their quality assurance and production data in a single place. Using this information, they quickly improve their product and processes.

The Kollmorgen team walked away with a great understanding of MBrain and how it can help simplify and painlessly transform production. Cake's scalability, agility, and general production control with MBrain were a great reminder of what we aim to achieve by helping great manufacturers Make Things Better.

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