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Bringing Flexibility, Speed, and Control to your manufacturing.

MBrain keeps all your shop-floor information in a single place. Traceability, data collections, machine integrations, and digital process control all in a simple, intuitive, software solution that is adapted for your processes and scaled effortlessly with no code and no consultants.

Your production with flexibility, speed, and control.

MBrain gives you the tools to help you solve manufacturing problems faster and unlock new levels of flexibility, control, and speed that makes your production more efficient, scalable, and competitive.

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With a modular and intuitive system MBrain helps you easily manage every part of your production know-how. A small change that with traditional traceability systems would take many hours to update is automatically reflected across all your production management.

You can easily change, modify, improve, update, and scale your production without hiring an army of consultants or hiring coders. With a modular system you can start small and expand as it makes sense for your production teams.

Every part of MBrain is interconnected, so you can make your systems work together instead of causing friction. From sensors and machines to MRP/ERP systems and your people everything is tracked and automatically communicated between systems.

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Integrate process control methods with the flexible system that MBrain gives you, and you have the ability to quickly make powerful changes to your production. MBrain helps enforce standard work and creates additional process and quality control measures for your product as you see fit for your production.

The data you collect here can be manually or automatically processed to keep your teams informed as you make improvement decisions. You're able to effortlessly keep critical shop floor information like takt attainment updated and also have the data at your fingertips to rapidly perform root cause analysis.

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The marriage of flexibility and control helps you do everything faster. Push your continuous improvement efforts farther and faster with standard work and automations that keep everything updated as you grow and improve.

Rapidly respond to changes in your supply chains, iterate your product designs and production processes faster, handle shorter product life cycles easier, and make custom product requirements scalable.

This is MBrain


MBrain provides a roadmap to gradually give you complete digital control over your manufacturing. The platform is adopted through three modules: the make module creates digital standards for your production, the improve module helps you leverage your production data, and the operate module lets you get full traceability over the entire product lifecycle. Execute & adapt quickly with complete digital control over your manufacturing. Unparalleled flexibility, speed, and control in your manufacturing with an intuitive software that fits your ways of working.

Module #1


The make module gives you the tools to digitally standardize your production processes, get all your production knowledge in one place, and gain traceability over your products inside the factory.

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Module #2


The improve module supports your people and processes with simple no-code tools to leverage production data in your continuous improvement and quality control processes.

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Module #3


The operate module gives you the capability to have complete digital control and traceability through the entire product lifecycle, tracking your product from the cradle to the grave.

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Rapidly Enabling Global Manufacturing Footprint

"At the end of 2020 we decided to establish three Cake factories to cover our main geographies in Europe, the US and in Asia. As of mid 2021 our factories in Asia (in Taiwan) and Europe (in Sweden) are up and running, with the US following later in 2022. It's always been in the plans to get proper system support for our production, which will now be the case with the introduction of MBrain. We had started to look into a few different systems, but immediately felt that MBrain would be a system that could help us to scale our operations while improving quality and control."

Per Werin


Cake Zero-Emissions

Customized To Fit Production Needs

“When I talk to other MES vendors, oh sure, anything is achievable. But their tools are not built to support it — they are not configurable. It can be created by software engineers. But with MBrain the tools are available to us today. It has that configurability. We can just build a different rework flow, process flow. We can replace serial numbers for different components, etc.

Brendon Boswell

Manufacturing Development Director


Process-Centric Digitization

“For one, the basic architecture is process oriented in MBrain, which allows the system to understand and handle method, location, tools and material in relation to each other. It may sound basic but not all systems have this, and this is key to develop functionality related to industry 4.0. We also see the system as being highly flexible and adaptive on many levels.”

Johan Andersson

Manager, Manufacturing Excellence

Swegon Operations Kvänum

Supporting Lean Continuous Improvement

"It was impressive to see how extremely smooth the deployment was, as the system was up and running, creating value, in less than one week, with no impact on production as machine data was read immediately. I’m convinced that MBrain will support our ongoing Kaizen journey of continuous improvement, as the capability and power of the method-centric system has become a central part of our digitization vision beyond Industry 4.0."

David Ebling



Enhances Team Member Productivity

"Warner Electric has a strong culture of engagement by every individual on our shop floor. For us, choosing a software platform that enhances team member productivity by leveraging process, product and component data to support their work, while automating non-value added time, was essential."

Sean Bracken

Corporate ABS (Lean) Director

Warner Electric

This is Mbrain

Industry & Operations

MBrain is the manufacturing software provider of choice for complex and fast growing manufacturing companies. Every manufacturer faces a unique set of challenges, with our flexible, fast, and powerful digitization toolkit we can help manufacturers across a variety of verticals make things better.

Complex Discrete Manufacturing

Complex Discrete Manufacturing

Reduce costs and time of product changeover.

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High-Volume Manufacturing

High-Volume Manufacturing

Improve quality and production yield.

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Startup and Scaleup

Start-up & Scale-up

Move fast, without breaking things.

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Scale your production at a fast pace, while maintaining full control over quality and processes.

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