MBrain Enables Ultra-High-Mix Manufacturing

MBrain is a next-gen MES and digital production system built specifically to solve many of the problems traditional MES systems create for ultra-high-mix manufacturing. Read our post to learn how.


In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, customers can demand more customized products than ever before. This pressures manufacturers to handle many possible product variations to stay competitive. A process-centric MES can enable ultra-high-mix manufacturing to be a part of the solution, allowing manufacturers to produce various products in small quantities.

However, handling many variations can be daunting, which is why software solutions like MBrain have become essential for modern manufacturers. MBrain's method-centric manufacturing software can automatically process more than 17 trillion variations, making it a game-changer for companies operating in ultra-high mix environments.

One of the critical features of MBrain is its variant string function, which connects variations in the product with its respective processes. When an order is placed in an ERP system, MBrain reads the sales-configured data and identifies the correct order for each operation on the production line. The digital work instructions for each process are then displayed for operators on the product's designated production line.

With MBrain, setting up the variant string function is easy, thanks to its no-code interface that allows users to create and edit digital work instructions using a drag-and-drop method. Once the work instructions are designed for a process, they are connected to a variant string and given a priority rank, which helps MBrain determine where they should appear in relation to one another in the production line.

MBrain's variant string function is a powerful tool that allows manufacturers to define a product based on the processes involved, saving much time when dealing with variation numbers in the millions and billions. With this flexibility, manufacturers can deliver customized products to their customers quickly and efficiently, keeping pace with the market's changing demands.

In conclusion, ultra-high-mix manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in today's economy as customers demand more customized products. Software solutions like MBrain are essential for manufacturers looking to handle the massive number of possible variations in their products, enabling them to produce a wide variety of products in small quantities. With MBrain, manufacturers can deliver customized products quickly and efficiently, gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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