Today’s small parts assembly manufacturing is dominated by manual work with hardly no traceability or data collection available.


MTEK 4ZERO is a digital transformation solution in manufacturing. MTEK 4ZERO is an End-2-End approach, fully connected with instant traceabilty in all moments. It is collaborative where human and robot can work safely side by side with real time awareness through machine data analytics.


MBrain is our own unique and flexible Manufacturing Execution System. It provides end2end planning and surveillance of the assembly flow, also including traceability, statistical performance control, real time analytics and much more. MBrain extracts the value of data turning observations into actions.

Collaborative Products

The assembly cell is based on a standard configuration of collaborative robot, intelligent table and material wagon which can be adapted to virtually any assembly task and product through customized robot programs and 3D printed grippers, fixtures and feeders.

Professional Services

Digitalisation and automation is a transformational journey. We provide a full suite of services to accompany our customers all the way – from product assembly assessment to final deployment on the shop floor. Our services are based on more than 15 years of experience in production engineering & logistics.

MTEK Academy

Competence development is key for a success. We provide top notch education packages to guide you in the digital transformation and improve your overall results. packages to guide your digital transformation and improve your overall results.