Liberating the value of data in manufacturing.


MTEK Releases MBrain - the Factory Intelligence System

In line with their mission to accelerate and simplify the journey to smart manufacturing, MTEK is delighted to announce the release and general commercial availability of MBrain, their Factory Intelligence System, liberating the value of data in manufacturing. With deep domain experience and expertise in manufacturing, MTEK has combined process analytics with tools to manage production, and ultimately improve efficiency.


Mattias Andersson, MTEK’s Founder and CEO notes, “We firmly believe that accelerating the journey to the smart factory will make manufacturers more competitive, more efficient and improve factory and financial performance, regardless of their geography. We are confident we can assist manufacturers in their digitalization journey by liberating the value of the data found in manufacturing processes. MBrain is a Factory Intelligence System that takes a systemized approach to extracting that value, driving real performance improvements.”


MBrain has been designed to be intuitive for the user and to complement the existing software landscape. It connects to production machines and processes throughout the product life cycle, from design to end of life, linking operations to performance through cross process analytics. MBrain is scalable across the entire enterprise. It also simplifies continuous improvement with a real-time quality toolbox as well as streamline manufacturing planning, control and traceability.


MTEK CTO Tord Johnson added, “The machines and processes in any manufacturing ecosystem contain huge amounts of data. Today, this data is too often located in siloed applications. There has been no intuitive way to use it to accurately correlate cause and effect, and hence provide the feedback necessary to improve performance. MBrain connects to any machine in the factory, correlating machine data with production output, to improve performance and quality by using drag-and-drop advanced analytics tools like real-time SPC and Artificial Intelligence.”


MTEK is hosting a launch webinar on September 29 at 10 am CET where MBrain will be presented in more detail. Registration is done on The Webinar will be available on demand for registered users.


To book a demonstration of MBrain and its capabilities, please book a demo session.


About MTEK
MTEK believes in simplifying manufacturing – to improve factory and financial performance. MTEK does this by providing digital building blocks liberating the value of data locked up and hidden in production machines and processes. MTEK’s solutions include MBrain, their Factory Intelligence System, and MCell, a fully adaptable automation and robotics module.

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