MBrain is a software platform that is adapted and adopted to support your People and Processes.


Deeper insight into anything and everything


Generate data around your unique processes and equipment to create a first-ever view of all that happens inside your factory – then use this information to increase control and reduce waste in production.

  • Integrate SOPs, BOMs, machine data, process steps, worker knowledge and other vital information.
  • Create a detailed view of each process using simple drag-and-drop tools – then merge all views into a single end-to-end perspective of workflow.
  • Add validation steps from current workflow, machines, sensors.

The result

  • The power to know how a single action or variable affects all others
  • The ability to quickly trace components or process steps to solve problems, identify waste.
  • Infrastructure to build on: You now have the info needed to engineer continuous improvement.


First-ever digital tools for continuous improvement


Take continuous improvement to a whole new level by configuring proven methods inside MBrain – all tailored around your factory operations and workflow.

  • Embed instructions and quality assurance documents into machines and processes
  • Create digital versions of essential tools, such as Root Cause Diagrams, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Statistical Process Controls and Stop Time Analysis.
  • Link continuous improvement tools back to control plans and/or shop-floor machinery
  • Simplify and automate reporting

The result

  • The capacity to integrate actual control and quality plans into factory operations using a digital view
  • The capability to generate visual models that let you see the impact of changes before you make them
  • The evolution of your sustainability: Each improvement contributes to greater efficiency, less waste.

Operate module

Product installation, commissioning and maintenance.


Leverage the full factory intelligence created through the other two modules to manage field operations – and ultimately, the end of your product’s life – to promote sustainability.

  • Support and control the commissioning and installation of products
  • Monitor product performance and manage maintenance, repairs and recalls.
  • Generate reports around all post-factory activities involving your product

The result

  • The traceability to quickly determine how and why a product has problems in the field
  • The agility to definitively resolve issues and questions relating to warranties and repairs
  • Documented evidence of your company’s ESG commitment: You have something unique.

Sustainability Benefits



  • Understand individual sustainability impact per product, process.
  • Allow the client to gain a complete life cycle view of the product​
  • Allow for simplified reporting, visualization and dashboards
  • Elimination of waste, for real.
  • Strengthen the entirety of ESG work

How a single factory intelligence platform changes everything*



Transformational (MBrain)

Multiple systems used to manage processes, individual machinery. One system used, which replace and/or integrates all others – and ties into ERP.
Lean manufacturing methods are still mostly analog. Digital versions of kaizen tools like Failure Mode & Effects Analysis are built in.
Consultants configure factory’s IT platform based on manufacturer’s input; software engineers later modify. Manufacturer configures the platform with drag-and-drop tools; can easily modify without coding changes
Sustainability improvements limited to plant operations. Sustainability improvements include both plant operations and product recycling, reuse.
Manufacturing improvements happen inside a factory. Improvements happen inside and outside the factory, among multiple factories.
*Ok, maybe not everything. Only the really important things.


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