Eliminating Shop-floor Paperwork

Manufacturing teams save up to 30% of total time spent managing production by eliminating shop-floor paperwork. Learn more about how MBrain achieves this.


The Situation: Paper is an outdated and wasteful technology! 

Paper causes many disruptions in manufacturing; information stored on paper is lost easier, takes up space when stored, is challenging to find when needed, and makes searching for specific content within documents time-consuming. This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the friction caused by paper. On average, it costs an organization $20 to file a document, $120 to find a misplaced document and $220 to reproduce a lost document. Paper is an outdated technology in the factory, it is both wasteful from an environmental and an economic standpoint, and it also does not have the functionality required by a highly dynamic production process.  

The Solution: MBrain removes paper from the factory floor. 

Moving away from paper is a priority when trying to achieve leaner production and contribute to the reduction of your carbon footprint. Furthermore, a digital factory decreases the friction caused by paper. So, the question is, how can we move away from paper? Well, one of MBrain's capabilities allows our customers to move their manufacturing processes from paper to a digital environment. MBrain's three most influential features contribute to this capability: digital work instructions, barcode generation + scanning, and comments + input fields. 

Digital Work Instructions: The foundation of a paperless factory. 

MBrain's digital work instructions are practical and intuitive. The freedom of our process builder allows you to create your work instructions from scratch with the flexibility and control that paper cannot compete with. MBrains digital work instructions appear at the exact time and place needed in the production process, can be changed quickly, and can be saved instantly across the factory. Papered instructions are a headache when the work instructions change; with digital instructions, there is zero time between saving the changes and seeing those changes on the factory floor.  

Barcode Generation + Scanning: Finding what you need when you need it. 

Digital scanning and unique barcode generation will ensure that the details of a product and its components are accessible yet secure at all points in the product life cycle. Providing end-to-end digital traceability means stacks of paper will no longer have to accompany the product along the production line reducing a factory's carbon footprint and the number of errors. MBrain logs all information about a product digitally, which can be pulled up in seconds by scanning the product or component's barcode. 

Comments + Input Fields: Tracking the details matter 

Keeping track of production is a complex process in which MBrain simplifies. Tracking components and products along the assembly line become virtually seamless with MBrain… literally. With input fields and comment sections, information about components and products is logged and stored digitally in MBrain. Data is then passed from cell to cell along the production line instead of on paper, so tracking information becomes more sustainable and efficient with MBrain. 

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